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No I'm pretty sure like 100% sure that 2009 was the N54 motor. Well atleast over here in the U.S.. And I also am a die hard JB4 guy. Just intall the JB4 and all you would do is set it to map 1. You will notice a HUGE increase in power and A MAJOR change in torque! Once you see how big of a difference with just the JB4, I can almost guarantee you that your going to want to do more And the JB4 has everything you need if you want to continue to do any other modifications! I def think you should do an intake and put some downpipes on it. It makes SUCH a huge difference too, along with the way it makes the car sound and then the JB4 can really do some work :P And also I have heard the Proceed is a little more complicated than the JB4.