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Originally Posted by pavo335
Originally Posted by Archangel335
Originally Posted by SPJ View Post
1500 ouch !
Yes its that much. Nothing like the $500 u offered thru PM.

Might get them for $1500 to you door from tirerack but these same run-flats will cost you close to $2000 brand new.

I might consider $1,400...not anything lower. Else i rather use them as spares.

If you were looking for rft's these would cost circa 2k to your door from tire rack so 1400 sounds like a fair price. I think the problem the op is going to have is I seriously doubt there is anyone here that is interested in rft's as they are IMO shit.

No worries. I sell at what I deem is a fair price & if anyone is keen let me know. Not everyone who owns Bimmers needs/want that little bit of extra performance from non-Run Flats. I believe there is a mature audience here who prefer the convenience of OEM like Run-flats. Run-flats have their purpose and to each his own.