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More detailed article on all the BMW vehicles compatible with the iPhone

I have decided to write an article for Irv, the board sponsor, on the iPhone and its compatibility with several BMW models. I know BMW USA has posted a list already, but it was too short and really not informative at all. Basically, this article shows in detail what BMW vehicles, year and make, are functioning properly with the iPhone. If the list is not accurate or you have something to add, please feel free to do so.

Here are a few lines from the article on his blog:

I have decided to start tracking down other BMW vehicles that were not on the BMW list, but would still work with the iPhone. Let’s keep the list ordered, so I will start with the 3-series, followed by the 5-series, and so on and so forth:

iPhone compatible with:

3-series E46 model built 2005

User review: “Paired my iphone with my 05 e46 330xi yesterday. Worked like a charm.”

3-series E90 built 2006 with and without iDrive

User review: “my iPhone is now working and I have successfully paired it with the bluetooth in my 2006 235i. “

5-series built 2005

User review: “The iphone works fully on my ‘05 525i. Full address book transfer with just over 550 contacts and all other features work as well. “

5-series built August 2006

User review: “I have the dealer installed iPod connector in the glove-box. The contacts all come up on the navi screen and are very descriptive. The iPod feature works great and I haven’t had any problems with either vehicle yet “

6-series built September 2003

User review: “It works with my 9/03 production 645Ci Ipod connection too, so it looks like all years of 645 are fine. “

6-series built 2006 with iDrive

User review: “The Apple IPhone works great. It pairs perfectly. No more wrong numbers for received calls, no more phone resets, and the entire address book is now available in IDrive.”
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