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Mission Accomplished!!!!

Originally Posted by Built My Way View Post
Tie a slip knot with a good size loop in one end of a length of string and fish it down through the grilll. Guide a small dowel with nail through mesh to guide string loop over brush handle and pull string. Prob solved.
+1 to "Built My Way" suggestion, sounded like the one with the least amount of taking apart, so I decided to give it a try before I tried the other suggestions.

Found an old shoelace, one that was pretty rigid, created a loop and slid it down, met resistance the first time, but the next time I sent it down the grille bars on the left.

As I threaded down, I saw it land right on top of the brush, but I couldn't find a tweezer or anything that was thin enough, so after a lot of experimentation, I found a thin pair of bamboo skewer sticks

Gingerly, I looped it around the brush handle and holding it down with one sticks, I yanked the knot hard. Then slowly I pulled the shoelace and it started coming up... at one point it got stuck and I had to lower it back down, but the next time it came back up the right way. I reached into the grille the moment I could fit my fingers through and wham out it came

The things 3 years olds do... hope these scientist years pay off later!

and thanks for all the suggestions, folks!
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