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Originally Posted by hxs80 View Post
oooooh the ebay lip...I just finished installing my ebay came out "ok"..

I ended up pulling the trigger on an 89$ ebay lip and I was highly dissapointed. Mold marks, bubbles, uneven thickness all around, and over all terrible quality. Fitment was actually, meh. The lip edges DO NOT even reach the fender walls. (There is someone else on another thread that had this issue). I wish I had the 'wrap around' issue the OP had...

I contacted the seller and he was willing to accept the return but it was 89$ to ship it back! I knew I was getting hooked up with the paint so I just went with it.

Prep work with a heat gun helped it turn out better. My strategy was to heat and 'hyper' bend certain areas, especially the center pillars, so when the lip went on the car, it would actually want to "clamp" on the car giving the 3M tape less work to do. This actually worked and gave the lip a tighter fit, which I'm happy about. I know that some people had issues with these. I on the other hand had issues with everything else!

I ended up having to drill extra holes on the far sides because the holes on the lip were off by like 3/4 inch.

Paint went pretty smooth except for the mold marks and the bubbles. These had to be filled in and my friend was not happy.

In the end, the edges around the fog lights have tiny gaps because the lip is just crap, no other reason. Since it didn't wrap around the edges, I have a small arcing gap on the driver's side that I'll have to cover up some how. From a distance it looks good. Up close, it belongs in a Honda Civic ricer club.

Lesson learned, you get what you pay for. At least this isn't a permanent thing and I can craigslist it or something in the future...Might post pictures later if someone would like to see the "mess".
Please post the seller's name so others can avoid buying from them.