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Originally Posted by NiVeDh View Post
It was a tiring day but I'm glad we got the hang of things!

Great show by Paul, henceforth the king of "evil box" removal. Thanks to Todd, Elliot, and Gideon as well! Certainly a group effort. Also, thanks to Adam for supplying the compressor and Todd for the Shop-Vac.

Perhaps in a few weeks (sometime in May), we can get the remaining cars together and get those knocked out? It should go much quicker, especially with multiple sets of hands.

Seconded... thanks for everyones help- and especially to Nivedh for letting us use his garage/tools! To summarise:

1) My and Gideons care were done.
2) It took 12 hours (with a lot of experimentation on the best cleaning method) for both cars. I suspect this will be down to 4-5 per car with this experience.
3) Getting to the intake valves is a bit of a pain but its not too hard when you know how.
4) The walnut blasting is extremely messy, and it is better than chemical+scrubbing but not my a huge amount. I would not say it is mandatory, but it does give a nice finish.
5) There is a box mounted to the intake manifold. It is satan's spawn. Also after 12 hours of working on it I feel like I have been to fight club! but:

The car feels GREAT. Before I had stuttering in acceleration and the occasional misfire cylinder 5 code. Now it is smooth and the engine feels a lot freer (stock @ 42k). Idle is smoother also. It was immediately apparent.

For the rest of you guys:

1) There is literally pounds of walnut media left over and half a gallon of carb cleaner... So I was going to keep hold of these instead of returning in case others want to have a go (they are at Nivedhs)

2) Im away for a chunk of time but when Im back I don't mind spending a day providing pointers.
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