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My Base Stereo Upgrade: JBL MS-8, OEM speakers + Vibe Centre

I thought it would be nice to let u guys know what i have done with my sound system, my impressions and of course some questions too!

My original system was the base stereo with 6 speakers. My system now is:

Vibe Slick 4 centre speaker
Technic's harness
OEM mids
OEM woofers
OEM rears

First of all i would like to say a big thank you to b33m3r for taking the time to install my set up yesterday and doing a very professional job of it. I was very pleased with where he mounted the MS-8 and it was a very clean stealth install with nothing damaged. If anyone wants to see some pics of the final install please let me know and i will post some. I would also like to say thanks to taibanl for offering me his advice for the past month or so. I have bombarded him with questions and each time i have got clear answers. I made my upgrade decision based on quite a lot of what he suggested as he really does know what he is doing. I would also like to thank technic for providing me with his excellent harness, which was clearly labelled and easy to use (some slight modification was required but this was very minor and simple)

My Impressions:

WOW what an improvement to the base spec, and this is using the MS-8's power only with no additional amps and all OEM speakers (except centre). The level of sound quality is drastically increased and the system volume goes much much louder. The front stage is well defined, but could be wider. Maybe this is an acoustic calibration issue? Bass performance is increased (but obviously not huge bass) and the high frequencies sound very nice as well. I have retained the pdc volume and no signs of any bluetooth problems when ringing people. But there are a few issues which i state later on.

Before this upgrade I was pretty sure that i would need to amp the whole front stage and upgrade the speakers to get the volume i wanted. However the volume the MS-8 provides is more than enough for me. I might add some aftermarket tweeters not sure yet. But before any of that I will add a subwoofer to satisfy my bass needs.

Unfortunately i do have some issues, which hopefully, with ur help, i can overcome. I will first tell you as much detail as i can of my set up:
Ch 1: Left mid range (OEM)
Ch 2: Right mid range (OEM)
Ch 3: Left mid bass (OEM)
Ch 4: Right mid bass (OEM)
Ch 5: Centre (Vibe)
Ch 6: Left rear (OEM)
Ch 7: Right rear (OEM)
Ch 8: Not used

MS-8 Calibration vol: -23db
Playback ms-8 vol: -6db
Subsonic filter: 20hz
all other crossovers are at 200hz with 24db slopes.
Sub level: about a quarter of a way between centre and max
Bass level: about a quarter of a way between centre and max
Treble level: Centre
Mid level: about a quarter of a way between centre and min
Logic 7: On

Graphic EQ:
20hz 9.5db
25hz 8.5db
32hz 7.5db
40hz 6.5db
50hz 5.5db
63hz 4.5db
80hz 3.5hz
100hz 2.5db
125hz 1.5db
160hz 0.5db
200hz -0.5db
250hz -1db
315hz -2db
400hz -3db
500hz -4db
800hz -4db
1khz -3.5db
1.25khz -3db
1.6khz -2db
2khz -1db
2.5khz 0db
3.15khz 0.5db
4khz 1.5db
5khz 2db
6.3khz 3db
8khz 4db
10khz 5db
12.6khz 6db
16khz 7db
20khz 8db

My issues:

So thats how the ms-8 was set up. The issue i have is with tracks with really deep bass, my underseat woofers seem to rattle, even at low volumes. This did happen before the upgrade but its worse now. It doesnt happen with most of my music but does with tracks with deep bass. Gets worse as i turn vol up. Is this a crossover issue or the graphic EQ?

For most of my tracks with not too much deep bass, the wooders dont rattle at all even with the vol on full. At medium to high volumes the OEM woofers sound very nice. But when cranking it up to the max i feel they are not performing as they should. The bass sounds different to what im used to, not as deep as i would expect, more shallow/punchy. No popping or clipping, just sounds like a guy is banging a really big drum. This only happens on certain tracks, on others it is ok. Maybe this is what its supposed to sound like but im not sure.

The other issue i have is on start up. When i start the engine i hear a loud deep boom which sounds like it is coming from the woofers. It feels like my ears are popping. This happens regardless of whether there is music playing or not when starting the engine. But i have noticed if i start the car up straight away (before the ms-8 screen is lit up) then this does not happen.

As always, i'll appreciate any feedback and solutions u may have