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Originally Posted by BrazilianBimmer View Post
Guys....really? guys?
31 e90posters to take care of a stuck toothbrush?
Easiest solution
You will need: metal hanger and finishing line
1- Get a one of those wire/metal hangers, open it up.

2-Tie a string/fishing line to the end of it, make a loop that can open and close. Leave slack on fishing line that will allow you to close loop.

3- Insert hanger with string thru mesh, get toothbrush to go in the loop, pull string to close loops with toothbrush in.

4- Pull hanger out. Work with finger to get toothbrush to go through.
You're done.
actually you are not done, now you have to buy new mesh because you just ripped a hairbrush sized hole in it.

yes, it was a hairbrush.

it will not pull through the mesh unless you have magic powers or feel like buying new mesh afterwards.

it never went thru the mesh when it went in, it was dropped down there from behind.