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Originally Posted by Musicvader
Mission Accomplished!!!!

+1 to "Built My Way" suggestion, sounded like the one with the least amount of taking apart, so I decided to give it a try before I tried the other suggestions.

Found an old shoelace, one that was pretty rigid, created a loop and slid it down, met resistance the first time, but the next time I sent it down the grille bars on the left.

As I threaded down, I saw it land right on top of the brush, but I couldn't find a tweezer or anything that was thin enough, so after a lot of experimentation, I found a thin pair of bamboo skewer sticks

Gingerly, I looped it around the brush handle and holding it down with one sticks, I yanked the knot hard. Then slowly I pulled the shoelace and it started coming up... at one point it got stuck and I had to lower it back down, but the next time it came back up the right way. I reached into the grille the moment I could fit my fingers through and wham out it came

The things 3 years olds do... hope these scientist years pay off later!

and thanks for all the suggestions, folks!

Nope, it went through the kidney grille. There seems to be space on the sides it feel through. And that's the same way I pulled it out, no mesh was damaged when I removed the brush cause I used bamboo sticks that fit through the holes in the mesh to hook on the lasso loop.

I was probably driving with the brush for a few days.. Noticed it as I was approaching the car as it was parked in a parking lot. The sun was up high and shone straight into the grille. Good thing it was red and white and out there, being cooled cause probably any other place would have caused it to melt!