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Ur right my EQ was a mess. i got rid of the rattle by turning 25hz and 32hz to 1db. Then made a little arch from 40hz to 200hz peaking at 4.5db at 63+80hz. Sounds better. Left sub and bass controls in the middle (any increase causes rattle on the deep bass tracks) I can now play those same tracks with no rattle at all, even at full volume. But i reckon i will have to save diff eqs for different types of music.

I also did the calibration again from the start, this time using -20db as the calibration vol. I think that mustve helped high vol clarity? It certainly sounds like it.

Yes im still coded to base, i know it will sound better recoded but im really liking it so far. The MS-8 really earns its money.

Still a bit worried about the boom on startup. Just starting it up straight away at the moment to avoid that.