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Well I have a noobish question as well... But I can get away with it since I've only had this car for two days now and being that this is my first time dealing with forced induction. So my question is whats the difference in buying a DV with bov compared to a CH with bov? It seems to me that they do the exact same thing? Or maybe Im just misreading things. From the different products I've been looking at the DV/CP pricing are almost identical. So Im just trying to see which one would I need because there's no point in buying a $500 + for DV/CP and then spending that same amount of money to get the other. As for now I've recently ordered the BMS DCI with the JB4, so Im slowly moving toward DP and eventually a FMIC. Regardless of the fact I want to order either one with the HKS bov for some reason I like that sound compared to the others. Thanks