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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
1) speaker outputs are likely patially responsible for the pop
Is it safe to leave it like that or is there anything i can do?
2) get tweeters asap
3) get underseats after that (hifi ones maybe? Sws8xi?)
If i go down this route i suppose i'll have to get an amp. Not really keen on this as i like what i hear BUT i know thats because im used to the sh***y base system. Im pretty certain it will improve quality and volume even more by adding components and mid bass drivers and amping them and the centre with a xd600. Im just not sure whether to do this first or the sub first? Im slighty in favour of the sub first because a) its cheaper b) its easier to wire up c) If im satisfied by this stage i could stop (please God make me stop)

Maybe ur done then.
I get the feeling i will never be done

Also you are doing the input setup calibration correct?
i think i am. what do u think i may be doing wrong?