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Originally Posted by taibanl View Post
Should be Ok, it is annoying but recoding should cut it by 90%
Guess im going to be racing to start up straight away every time lol

Should be ok with HiFi 2ohm woofers, find a set used...shouldnt need any more power than the base audio 6.5.
---just figure out if you are going to go trunk sub or not, if yes then get cheap used oem woofers from a hifi car, if no, then get sws8xi, and try it, amp later depending on taste.
I'm 100% going to go with a boot sub so i think i will do that next. For later i think the 2 ohm hifi woofers are the way forward. Could i leave the underseats and rears on ms-8 power and amp the components and centre with a 4ch amp? Would there be any point amping the components and centre if the ms-8 will limit their power? This way would save me money on the amp, probably around 200!