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Originally Posted by kaigoss69 View Post
OP, I would set the subsonic to a minimum of 30 - 35Hz, the OEM speakers cannot handle ultra-low frequencies and you risk blowing them. For the turn-on pop, try setting the turn-on delay on the MS-8 to 5 seconds. That should eliminate most of the pops. However, I still get them when I start the engine sometimes. I have learned to turn MS-8 volume down when I get out of the car, and then up again after it is started.
This is good advice OP, maybe even 40hz on the 6.5 woofers.

In my experience the key to the MS-8 based systems is balanced power. If you are going to do a 5 channel amp for trunk, under seats and center, that is one thing (you could even do a 4 channel with an efficient 2ohm sub), but if you are going to buy a separate sub amp, I would keep MS-8 power on all the other speakers unless you know for a fact you need more power. once you start powering some channels and not others you are in an upward spiral on price.