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I changed the EQ so the max on any low to mid freq is 3.5db. The weird bass sound has gone Im really happy with the quality. Music actually sounds real now!

Ok i understand what u mean now regarding speaker sensitivity. So i suppose the rainbow sl100 will be happy with the ms-8. Thats good because i want to try and avoid buying an amp. I will only go down this route if i think i need more from my mids after installing a sub. I will probably not need to add separate tweeters in the corners of the windows if get this so thats another plus. However will they over power the centre as the vibe is 88db and the rainbows are 90db?

So i think my next stage will be a sub. Ideally i want a 12" in a normal box. Dont want to go down the enclosure route. My dls a6 spec is:

rms @ 13.8 dc feed: 1200w @ 1ohm, 870w @ 2ohms and 500w @ 4ohms
input sensitivity: 0.2v-7v
Built-in, variable 50-125 Hz low pass filter for subwoofers plus a 25 Hz subsonic filter with an 18 dB/octave slope.

1) Will this be ok with the ms-8?
2) whats ur advice on choosing a sub for this amp? What are the main things spec wise i should look out for?
4) Ideally i want it to present a 2ohm load, as at 2ohms an external fan is not needed. However running at 1ohm is also an option; getting an external fan wont be hard. How should i decide on the impedence if the sub?
3) For a sub, what characteristics would a higher rms give? would it be better quality and/or louder?