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Help me detail my car

I'm planing on detailing my car this weekend. Car has some scratches from the previous owner, and swirls from washing during winter. Other than that, it looks great. I just did the interior and its super clean and smells good (Zaino Z9, Z10)

This is what I was planning on doing:
wash and clay
Megs DACP on orange pad for trunk and hood (these have scratches)
Klasse AIO on white pad rest of car
Klasse SG as sealant, hand applied with microfiber pad, multiple coats 6 hrs apart
Front of car, do AIO and SG by hand with microfiber pad

I need to use something on the clear bra. What can I use to protect it? AIO and SG good? Last car I had I buffed the bra and it created permanent swirls. Im trying to avoid that, reason why Im doing by hand. Not to mention the dirt that gets wedged in the edges of the bra.

When I bought the car, it was sent to a detailer that used some dressing on the plastic and some metal areas of the car (engine, gas area, trunk area, wipers). This created a very slick waterproof coat that looked great and lasted very long. I used 303 on these parts and while it looks good, It wont be as water proof, and wont last as long. I would like suggestions on what to use.

My bottle of 303 broke yesterday, so I'm planning on ordering supplies. Suggestions welcomed.

Here is a list of products that i have.

Klasse AIO and SG
Menzerna IP and FP
Megs #16 (rare, still have some, great wax)
Megs #26 (doesnt last long)
PC 7424 with Orange, yellow, white, black pads