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Originally Posted by snowman81 View Post
Thanks Greg, I just ordered the 105, 205 and BFWD from your site. I just found out what size backing plates the guy who is letting me borrow his PC has, so I'll order some pads and maybe the BFWD wax. I'm pretty stoked to give this a shot and really hope I like the PC so I can go ahead and buy one. Just didn't want to spend the money on it if I wasn't sure. Thanks again for all the help.
Originally Posted by snowman81 View Post
Damn, I thought of another question. Should I take any special pre-cautions with my trunk and rear bumper since it has been repainted? I didn't think anything of it until I was readying another post where they mentioned measuring the thickness of paint in areas that have been resparayed? The trunk was actually replaced and the rear bumper was just blended. Hopefully my stuff will be in next week so I can get to work, can't wait.
Thank you for the purchase! I think testing out your friends buffer should be a great indicator of whether or not you want to pick one up. Glad to hear you know what pads to get, remember I'd get at least two of each pad for the polishes and at least one pad for the sealant.

If the vehicle was repainted within the last four months you may want to contact the shop to be safe. In general with fresh paint you don't want to seal or wax it, but you can polish it after a few days. The only other difference would be that it may not react exactly the same when polishing. It should be relatively similar but just be aware it could be slightly different, but stick with the same products and routine for sure. Let me know if you have any other questions and I'll be happy to help.

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