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Originally Posted by VSmotorsports View Post
There are a lot of variables that can affect the alignment. What are the alignment specs that your car is set at now?
The car is aligned based to the oem specs for 335i m-pack with 19" wheels.

Even though i'm using M3 original wheels (agressive offset) and Hartge suspension kit...maybe the geometry of the car changed so much after these changes so oem alighnment specs are not valid anymore?

Originally Posted by serotoninsteve View Post
your problem comes from the rear,
faulty rear tyre perhaps.
Rears are the only ones to move with the problem.

If you say under acceleration it could be the rear suspension or subframe bushings.
How many miles do you have? Subframe bushings already upgraded?

But I would first swap only the rear tyres

Good luck
If my tyres were faulty, why would my old ones are doing exacktly the same?

Originally Posted by imperial sloth View Post
I had a simmilar issue with a stock 335i when I put new tires on. Aligned correctly (according to NTB), but steering wheel was slightly crooked. It turns out the shop did a poor job, and their specs were to wide. I had it re-done twice then finally went to the dealership and problem was solved.
Its not a shop's poor job. I took it to two different shops and they found settings to be correct (unless they both make wrong).

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