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Originally Posted by BuraQ View Post
There is only one thing I will like to report, acceleration is smoother than ice now. I thought it was smooth before with just the RENNtech tune but the new intake makes it absolutely "flawless" refined and wrinkle free in acceleration smoothness

Now I can full WOT in any gear with out having hesitation, static, plurps, spurts in the acceleration. Its just a fantastic feeling. Couple of times I would be doing 50, or 60, or 70, geared down to 4th or 5th gear at WOT and I shoot like a rocket.

Will have a local member test drive this week and see what he thinks also

Edit: I never had this with the Dinan CAI
What is with this "it feels like" review stuff? No data logs? No IATs? No WGDC? No dyno? Honestly, you will feel like something is faster if you spent $500 because you want to believe it.