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Originally Posted by skim7x View Post
How did you get the kidney grills out? I know someone who tried taking out the kidney grills by just pulling on them and ended up breaking the grills. I saw a different DIY on this forum that shows you should loosen the top bolts of the front bumper, squeeze your hand back there, and unclip the grills from the back first, and then pull them out. Is this the technique you used?

How long did they take to get to you? I'm in Newark and I see with tracking that my scoops are in the US now, but they have been sitting in the same place for 4 days... I ordered the scoops on 4/6/12, they left Taiwan on 4/9/12, arrived in NY on 4/11/12, and have been there since then (4 business days and 2 weekend days). Kind of weird shipping process.

Unless they are substantially cheaper than UPS or FedEx, I would suggest Cyba change his carrier.
The whole install process took about max 10mins. I had my technician to do it, he pretty much use a ruler to unlock the clip at the back. It looks relatively easy. Give it a try, it shouldn't be too hard.