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Track day Today

Today I will be heading out to the Palm Beach International Raceway (PBIR) to see if there is any improvements in times with the new intake. I have put over 400 miles on the car giving the DME ample time to adapt to the new mod.

So adaptation is not going to be an issue here. First day on the intake install was consistant in 12.0 ET, so after the DME has adapted I should see 11s if there is any performance improvements.

Regardles of the outcome, another dyno test with the aFe intake will be done this Friday with equal or higher temps and humidity. By the looks of it its going to be hotter and more humid.

The good news to those of us interested, is that aFe has seen this review and the feedback from the community and they will start planning a newer version of my custom sealed intake. It will literally be sealed and it will be one piece. (Confirmed)

For those of you who already got the stand alone aFe Stage 2 SI airbox they will address the concerns of the current version of not being truely sealed, "hopefully", by releasing a gasket kit/seals for the enthusiast running higher boost. (Possibility)


I do not have on hand any device to capture logs, muchless now how to read them. I will be aiming to getting a DashDaq that will provide all the logging demands needed BUT I have to run it by RENNtech first to see what they will allow from those logs to be seen.

This part will come at a later date though after I get a DashDaq. For now I will only have a dyno, and track times to start with.