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Originally Posted by Sloppy View Post
I'm not at my house, but I can probably comment on a couple...

over boost limit - 20 can be a little higher, mine is at 35 i believe. I think this determines how long you can be in overboost until the procede kicks into limp mode. putting it a little higher enables your boost to start hugging your control gain curve. Usually overshoots when you first get on it

start ign corr- 200 .... this should be 0 for map2 i believe. map 1 should be 100.

please feel free to correct me if i'm wrong... i'm not claiming to be an expert
I got it via PM, but basically it was all messed up by the previous owner. I asked him to start fresh from the 11-08 map default values first.

Small comments:

Overboost Limit unit is psi, default is 16 psi. Anything above 20psi would be invalid. But I know you related to Overboost delay, default is 20 (for 2 sec).

Start Ign Cor (0-100%) is 50 in map1 AND map2 on the 11-08 map (non meth map).

Here are the default 11-08 (non meth) map settings: