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Originally Posted by SomeRandomer123 View Post
All 6 glow plug failure means that it us your glowplug control unit that is faulty. Unless all 6 have infact failed, but I'd eat my hat if they have! So, I had this problem with my 330d too not so long ago, but I'm buggered if I can point you to its location! It gave me a "misfire" effect on cold starts which obviously, I got mildly flamed for in my thread at the time in the N57 board, especially as I didn't clearly state my knowledge of homogeneous charge compression ignition and the lack of spark plugs :P. So, have a look, hope it helps. What are your symptoms, if any?
thanks for the heads up!

thankfully no symptons what so ever (that i can tell!!!)

its just that ive read the codes and found them there and they keep coming back after resetting so figured id best sort it out despite having no problems yet that i can tell, just figured the code keeps coming back for a reason so best to sort it now!