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Valve cover gasket leak...

Hi all, I just went to BMW dealership and got my car checked up and found/told by the SA that the valve cover gasket is leaking to the engine bay. I realized this too as when I normally drive, there would be a burning smell. They said they would replace it and it is covered by warranty. This is my second time replacing the valve cover gasket under warranty, last time it was replaced was August of 2011. My question is what could be causing it? I mean the car is fairly new and usually don't happen to cars that are 3-4 years old. My concern is that my warranty is ending this August, and I don't want to deal with this issue after my warranty expires as it is very expensive if not covered by warranty.

Here are my infos if that helps:

-brand new(not a CPO)08' 328xi coupe
-mileage 53,264km
-no engine mods currently

Any inputs would be appreciated!