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Originally Posted by ed-320d View Post

According to spec provided by the manufacturers, the SLK Auto is faster than 335i Auto by 0.2 sec.

BUT SLK manual is slower than 335i manual by 0.1 sec. Interesting how the Mercedes could make their Auto faster than manual. Is it the 7G-tronic?

SLK350 Manual:5.6 sec Auto:5.5sec
source :

BMW 335i sedan Auto: 5.8sec
335i coupe Manual: 5.5 sec
335 coupe Auto:5.7 sec
Good thing we have the manufacturers giving us all these accurate numbers! I was worried my 335i might break 5 seconds 0-60 like all the ones that have been tested by the car mags and enthusiasts at the drag strip. Whew...that's a load off my mind.