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Originally Posted by dce93atl View Post
When I order them they come in as Phillips bulbs. The vendor doesn't advertise them as Phillips Bulbs , they advertise them as their own and state that they are high quality and compared to the bulbs I've tried before these, they are high quality.

Here is the backstory on this whole bulb situation:

I had a terrible time with bulbs when I had to replace mine. I bought them from Dynamic Sound in Norcross and with the first pair one worked and one didn't and then they gave me a second pair and one worked and one worked when it wanted to. So I gave up on Dynamic sound. Boris over at Solo Motorsports told me that Dynamic Sound sells cheap low quality bulbs so I found this source that guaranteed that they were high quality.

I haven't had a problem with them at all. They worked perfect when I put them in and they have been working fine ever since.

I had same issue with low quality bulbs. One side worked perfectly. Other side (driver's side) flickered and sometimes started up, sometimes did not want to.

Thought they blew my ballasts but didn't. Did your ballast blow?