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Originally Posted by LionOfGosforth View Post
A lot depends on needs and budget. I went with the HPA SA Koni coilovers a few weeks back with swift springs. Other than not being able to lower the car quite as much as I thought (went down about 1-1.25in), i'm pretty happy overall. The improvement in aesthetics but more importantly the handling, has been huge over stock. I could have gone a little cheaper with KWv1's (run around 1250-1300 ish) or went with slightly higher end (AST's run around 2000-2100) but made this choice. They run in the $1500 range. If you're interested at all, hit up Harold at HP Autowerks, guy is awesome.
sweet - thanks for the review - but the main reason i wanted coilovers was the adjust ability and you are saying you still can't lower the car as much as you would want? I guess I better double check the lowering rates for the front and rears - but most seem to have a range of 1-3" on both ends...

I know coilovers cost a little more than springs/shocks, but I think it's worth it esp if you are even thinking of tracking
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