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"fancy" volume & climate dials

When I say "fancy" I actually mean "LCI"

I noticed that some LCI e9x's have chrome or brushed alu dials for volume and climate, which I liked as the dash in my non-nav 2005 was looking rather dull as standard.

The volume knobs can be purchased from the dealer for 9 each (better than the 15 each one guy on ebay is asking for them after buying them in bulk from BMW!) and are just a pull off/push on fitting.

The climate dials can't be purchased alone, they are part of the unit. You can either just buy a new (350+!!) or second hand climate unit with new knobs and fit it in place of yours, or you can get a unit with the new dials and swap the dials only.

I got one on ebay I just swapped the dials - simple job of unclipping the fascia of the unit and unclipping the buttons, removing the dials and reverse to refit. Although the one I bought was in fine condition, mine is actually in brand new condition so I wanted to keep it. I tested the one I bought - it worked fine so put it up for sale and got rid of it (with my old black dials on it) for 10 less than I paid for it with the chrome dials.

Here's the pics:

This is a standard one (sure we all know what they look like)

Here's mine now: