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Witnessed a small accident - got me worried

Hi, as the topic suggests I saw a small accident today which could have ended much, much worse.

Long wall of text - cliffs below

Here goes... Today at my friends garage we were moving a couple of cars out to gain access to the ramp. A couple of 'cheeky kunts' as they shall now be known as were in their Peugeot 207 and stopped to let my colleague out.

We made it clear that we needed to come out then back in again so he should carry on. It was then the cheeky kunt just threw his car into reverse and without looking back or using any mirrors, he hit the go pedal and ended up slamming into the Audi A3 behind at approx 10-15mph.

Cheeky kunt then moves his car forward and gets out along with fellow kunts and tries to blame the driver of the Audi even though his car was completely stationary. They kept saying "Did you not see the reverse light bruv", and "Look how close you was to the back of me bruv". Needless to say their comments pissed me off no end.

They inspected the damage on both cars and the kunts decided that there was no damage to the Audi and got in their car and drove off without leaving any insurance details or even apologising.

Now, the guy in the Audi had us as witnesses but had we not been there the kunts could/may have tried to blame and claim the other car.

Cliff notes
Kunts reverse into stationary car on road
Gets out and blames person he hit
Decides to get in car and drive off with no details exchanged
No police were called
Victim will notify insurance company

How the hell do I avoid sh!t like this? On-board camera any good?

And for your time

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