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My drop is a little on the conservative side perhaps but that's partly because the height of the car afterwards was not as high a priority as improving the handling. I did experiment and went as low as I could to try it out but I found that when lowered fully in the front, compression travel was an issue and not worth the jarring ride. I decided to sacrifice some aesthetics for practicality, especially since this is my DD. Honestly, I was appalled at the stock suspension, horribly floaty, the car would dive nastily under braking and be completely unsettled by any bump and gave no confidence whatsoever. This is a massive change for the better.

I have heard reliably that you can go lower on the xi with KW's and AST's (and maybe with the tc kline's) but haven't the experience of them first-hand to verify this. If you're looking seriously at this kit, i'd recommend speaking with Harold first, he will answer all questions.

Edit - i'm talking about the front lowering possibilities in my posts, the rear had no issues and could go MUCH lower if needed as it's almost at it's highest right now. Could probably go down another 3 inches in the rear if I wanted to.
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