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Originally Posted by Dracon View Post
It really sounds like you haven't loaded the v45 daten properly into NCS Expert.

So back and re-read the beginner's topics and follow the instructions to the letter on how to load the daten.

EDIT: I'm feeling nice today, and I'll only do this once. Attached is a link to the *complete* NCS coding data from 45.2 (it has the sgdat, daten and ediabas\ecu directories from every chassis). I know these datens are loaded properly and work because 1. I did it myself and 2. They've been tested. Extract and copy the folders to their correct locations. If you are still having problems, then something is wrong with your installation. If copying these files into place makes everything work, then you loaded the datens wrong in the first place and need to re-read the getting started threads.

Thank you Dracon! Thank you very much! I will try with this Daten! Thank you!