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Another 335d "Evolution"

I have become another "Evolved" BMW 335d customer, courtesy of Evolve and VS Motorsports.

I removed my DME and sent it in to VS, and VS installed Evolve's programming, and sent the DME back to me for reinstallation. Matt at VS sent me a tutorial for the removal of the DME, and except for a couple of "surprise" bolts, the removal went without a hitch. I did some small extras, like labeling my connectors to the DME so that I would be certain to reconnect properly, but overall it was a seamless process.

I do not have before and after dynos. Sorry.

My car is a revelation with this software. I am very impressed by the improvement in power. The car pulls significantly harder and longer. I really don't have enough space (and lack of law enforcement) in my area to fully test the car's improvement, so I'm looking forward to track days to delve into the power. I can tell, however, that the car will pull well beyond its original state. I expect this to be a huge improvement on the back straight at Road Atlanta.

Another unanticipated area of improvement has been in the enhanced drivability I have in my car. Power pick up from a stop is much smoother, and the car is much more smooth in day to day driving than before. It's too bad the car didn't come this way from BMW.

I've had no codes and no issues thus far.

The only thing I can't report on yet is mpg, as I haven't been able to take an extended trip yet. I should have one shortly.

Overall, I am very pleased with the improvement in my car from the Evolve tune. Evolve has put much effort into the tune for U.S. d's, as I know this is not simply on off the shelf tune from Europe. Add in the excellent support from Matt at VS, and you have winning team.

Now if we can just get someone to figure out our fmic's!!