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stupid email notifications! i didnt think there was this much activity on my thread lol

anyway - I am now at square one with what I first priority is aesthetics but that is also because I don't know any buddy has a e92 335i dropped with some eibach pro kits and stock shocks - the look is great and doesn't feel to "harsh"

I am coming from driving a 4runner and a MDX so even the "crappy" sport suspension on the 335xi i have feels okay...but when I take a round-about on ramp in third and push it pretty good - i DEF feel the roll and floaty feeling you guys all talk about.

Personally - I like the aggressive downward facing (dog?) stance...this is why I wanted CO's in the first place so I can play with functionality over aesthetics...but after reading some more material (esp Doyle's end all thread) I realized there is a LOT more to think about and consider than just "dropping" it. I don't want the "slammed" look as I am a working professional and govvies already look at me when i drive my car in this lot (either 20 year old busted cars - or nicer "northern va" cars)....

btw - i hate having a car that is a dime a dozen in my area - but i guess for the price point to fun factor is why I chose the n54 335. good entry level "sports" car....

anyway keep the options/opinions coming!