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Originally Posted by Eracer76 View Post
Im very happy with my KW V1's... The improvement over stock is huge!
There is a lot less body roll in the turns, the nose dive under braking is almost nonexistent and it's definitely planted on bumpy roads & turns now
I like how easy they are to adjust too... I first started out with a subtle drop, but I have since lowered the front and rear another 1/4" and even though I lowered it more from the original install, the ride quality hasn't changed at all.

Here are some pics of the drop before I lowered it a 1/4" more... There is much more adjustability left too, but I can't lower the rear anymore, because the tires already slightly rub if I have the kids in the back seat and I hit a big bump/dip in the road... I guess I should roll the fenders

now this is more my style - we are getting warmer - although I have heard the KW are DECENT but so many people seem to use them on this forum bc of previous hype? but then again we XI guys don't have many options it seems....i like the flush with the fenders look and the ride height on this SGM

i personally love seeing everyone and their different styles/tastes...good stuff!
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