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Intelligent Battery Sensor error

Thanks in advance for any comments or help here!

Just had my car scanned. The shop's scan tool indicated a malfunctioning Intelligent Battery Sensor error. Clearing the code did not help, it would simply show up again.

Did a little searching, from what I can tell, this sensor is located off the negative terminal wiring (?)

Decided to take a look at the battery to see if everything looked okay. There was a blue connector off the negative terminal, which was disconnected. I am providing a picture from a battery DIY on this forum, which shows the blue connector on the right side of the picture.

In the picture, the connector is connected. On my car the connector is NOT connected.

a. Is this a disconnected wire a possible cause for the fault code? or is it even related to the Battery Sensor?
b. Regardless of a, is there any reason why I should not connect this wire?
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