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Originally Posted by ROBNYC View Post
damn man that sucks
i can't seem to decide if i should go halogen low or hid low .. since they offer both .. but I def want clear corners those amber lights ON all the time would be so annoying
I would say def go with HID, they are so much better than any halogen bulb. And the price difference between the two is minimal. The posting by fishcake says that you might have to buy "error cancelers" but they actually come installed if you go with the HIDs. The ambers are annoying to have on during the day though. BMW wouldn't recode my car to have only the angel eyes on as daylight running lights, said it wasn't possible. Only way you can have angel eyes during the day is by setting your light switch to "park" which also turns on the ambers. But I have been told by fishcake and others that it can be recoded to only have those 3 small LED park lights on the headlights on, instead of all the 5 amber LEDs in the front, for the park setting. I will prb get that done after figuring out this issue. Only option I have right now is to put my original halogens back on and take it into BMW for a warranty fix, which will be a total b!$@h. Getting that bumper on and off alone sucks!

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