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Man, this is bizarre. Religion is meant to teach people about love and unity. Religion should give people the necessary tools to be spiritually happy and work towards a better civilization. Agreeable? If it's not providing this, then things need to be seriously reconsidered.

For the record, I respect all religous, non-religous and athiest people if they just show respect for one another. But if they don't, I don't go hating or wishing death upon them - I simply hope that they come to a better understanding to not belittle other peoples beliefs in the future.

This debate will go on for hundreds of years to come. We gotta learn to live with all the different views and use it to form a better society. But this just won't work (re: OP), and it's quite saddening to see something like it being put in place.

edit: haha looks like this sub-forum is full of discussions like this... I just wandered in thanks to procrastination.

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