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Angry Vin Is Faulty coapi2020 ifh0009

i have
a 06/08 build e92
ediabas 7.2
ncsexpert 3.1
E89 V46.2 daten files (ECU,SGDAT, DATEN)
clear K+Dcan cable wit pin 8 removed completely
cable latency is set to 1 and also set to com 1
Ediabas.ini file's remote host was changed to and port to 6801
all things are set to OBD
key on position but engine off
i do have a JB4 tune but i even turned it off

i just finished coding my friends 07 e90 with no problems, and when i try to code my 08 e92, i have error while trying to get the vin/chassis/ecu on NCSexpert...
Its telling me vin is faulty, coapi-2020, ifh-0009

this is my error log

ERROR! Modul: LFCDHDIA.CPP (A_E65CAS.IPS/IPO), Proc: CDHapiResultText, LineNr: 01, ErrorNr: 2020
COAPI-2020: no answer from ECU
IFH-0009: ECU not connected or doesn't answer

>> ERROR! Modul: COAPI2.CPP, Proc: coapiRunCabd, LineNr: 06, ErrorNr: 2020

>> ERROR! Modul: COAPI.CPP, Proc: coapiReadFgNr, LineNr: 04, ErrorNr: 2020

can someone help me figure out what can be wrong? TIA
i already searched on everyforum i can and on google but still no luck...

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