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It really is trial and error.

This is my first dark colored car in 7 years. Before this I had a white STI. Its paint was so soft i could get all the swirls and scratches out with only Menzerna final polish and white pad.

I did detail my car on Friday and was not happy about it. Here is what I learned:
- I need proper lighting. My garage is not lit enough. Ill have to get flood lights or something. Very important for next time.
- Need to pick a better day to do this work. Worked on car Thursday and Friday and had to use car Friday afternoon. Weekend rained so that sucked.
- Klasse AIO and SG by hand for front bumper with clear bra works good. I did not want to risk making buffer marks on bra.
- The BMW paint is hard. I used a yellow pad on hood and trunk and that took all swirls out. Still left some deep scratches though. Old owner didnt take care of car.
- Megs #16 is a bitch to remove. This wax lasts very long but it needs to be thinly applied and removed completely.
- Keep buffer straight to not leave buffer marks. Tilted it when applying the wax and that left a thick coat of wax marks that I did not noticed due to improper light.
- Using blue tape works wonders. Makes up really quick for the 30 mins of prep time putting it up.

My product box contains waxes and polishes from 10 years ago. My 303 bottle was so old that it shattered when I dropped it. I think I need to get up to date on these.

I think I'm going to get Megs DA kit. Ive seen great results from users here. That or just the MF cutting pad, D300, and M205. I could apply M205 with my white pads and the top it off with some good wax. My white pads are new from this year.

Does the above sound like a good plan?
What wax would be suggested for Monaco Blue car?
What car soap could i use to strip oils and waxes prior to working on car?
I used 1 pad per side of car. Should I change every other panel?