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I love the difference in sound when unplugging the actuator, especially the gurgle on the decel. It will throw a hidden code, not a big deal. However, I've been dealing w/o2 sensor codes for some time and, after getting a carbon cleaning, changing plugs, and replacing all o2 sensors, I swear unplugging the actuator had something to do w/throw these codes. I've done all kinds of testing w/leaving it plugged vs unplugging and doing spirited driving under both circumstances and so far, 2wks later w/it plugged, the codes have not returned. Call it coincidental, but for me, there's some sort of link b/tween that actuator and the 02 codes. Oh, how I miss the sound, but oh how I can't stand getting those codes. I may wait another week or two and unplug it again, do some drives, and see if the codes come back. If they do, there's definitely a link. As for the golf-t mod and the clamp mod, I didn't notice any difference.

So, for those of you contemplating unplugging it - go for it! I'm running a stock setup w/catless downpipes and definitely noticed a difference in sound.