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By relocating it I mean that it isn't accessible from anywhere and you'd pretty much have to reroute the lot back through to be able to get to it. I doubt very much whether a theif has the time or balls to spend hours in the dark looking for a port with no clue where it may be. The benfit of this is that we're all doing this separately, no port will be located in the same place. For those of you planning on using an extension cable and locating the port to another accessible area, please make sure that the actual port that is hardwired to the car is routed far enough away so that a theif looking for it cannot pop off your extension cable and just connect to the original port.

As you say Magic, as long as you know where it is, is all that matters. Scanning your car is now a pain in the @rse and refitting the port right before a dealer visit is a job but it's that Vs stolen car. On the plus side this is 100% reversible, no modification required.

I'd fit a dummy port down there but TBH I'd rather save the 6 and have a pint.

F@ck you theives!