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For your connection problem, try that:

In case you haven't already, the best channels to log are:

CAN DBW Throttle
CAN Actual AFR Bank 1
Boost Control Set Point
CAN Actual Ign Adv
CAN DME Boost Actual
Boost Control DC
Inlet Air Temp
CAN DME Codes (if needed)
And if using methanol injection, add those:

Methanol Injector %
Methanol Injection Flow
During autotuning phase, add those:

Autotune Ignition Correction
Autotune Boost Setting

See that thread I made if you want templates of how to plot your logs. I usually plot all boost related in the same window (Boost vs set point vs DME Boost Actual). You might also want to add "Autotune Boost" to that window too if still using autotuning.

Then the trick is to press "P" in the individual charts to set scaling, usually fixed (non auto) gives the best results, and also set the same scaling for each individual channels of a given chart. And then you can cycle through the different channels in a single chart by pressing Page Up/Down.

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