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Less turbo lag? -- is it in my head?

So many of you know about the flap in one of the exhaust pipes that is meant to alter the exhaust note to make it more refined. I had the similar thing in my E46 330i but in that car the exhaust droning with the flap disabled was giving me a headache while cruising. I decided to see how it will feel in my E92 and disabled it. Only I went down a much easier route, instead of pulling the vacuum hose off the solenoid I just disconnected the electrical actuator that opens up the vacuum line to close the solenoid. This actuator is located right under the driver side taillight from inside. To get to it all you have to do is pop open the little cover in the trunk behind the taillight and you'll see the electrical connection on the bottom right side of the panel.

I have to say that the exhaust is now more audible with a partial throttle but it's not giving me a headache. But what I did notice more now is that if feel like the there less turbo lag when I step on the gas below 3K rpm... I think it's just in my head but not sure.... anyone else tried this before? do you feel the same thing?

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