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Schumacher's outburst against the Pirelli tires

I, for one, absolutely agree with Schumacher. Formula 1 used to be an all-out sprint, where drivers pushed their cars to the maximum lap after lap, for an entire grand prix distance. Now, even though the races are entertaining, they aren't as 'rewarding' in the sense that drivers spend 90% of the race conserving their tires. It just feels like this current format really punishes people with raw speed and talent at driving on the limit in favor of people who are good at managing their car.

One proposal on that link was to come up with a very hard compound, and barring any punctures, make the tire capable of going more than the race distance. I'd love the idea of seeing pit stops eliminated, turning the grand prix into an all-out sprint. This is probably too controversial for most fans, though.

Thoughts, anyone?