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Originally Posted by davyk31 View Post
Amazed is pretty strong wording, was it that good? What model?

'Amazed' is relative.
One could argue that I had low expectations to begin with

No, it really is a nice drive. Its a quantum leap from its predecessor.
The car I had was a 118d Sport, fairly mid range, low spec - but the spec is not so relevant.

The chassis balance is excellent, more nimble than a newer E90/E92.
Quality of interior - solid. Right up there with Mercedes in both style and finish.
In fact its better quality than the Evoque I just had two of as demonstrators.

I have an E90 118d and it feels a lot more agile, but interior space is almost the same.
The new engine 118d is a slightly stronger performer, and more economical too.

There are no 125i demonstrators about yet it seems, but that is a car that might sway me into the F20.
It really is that good, and very familiar to any E9x driver.

Twin scroll turbos are a huge improvement, and there should be oodles of 'tunability' from the 215 bhp engines, both diesel and petrol.
Efficiency is out of this world, take a look at the stats of this thing!

I put down the numbers on a spreadsheet, if you are doing less than 13k miles a year, the petrol will cost about the same to run over four years.
The only unknown is residuals. They are still projected on the outgoing model of course.
But I think they will firm up in coming years.

I spec a 125i M sport manual with most of the options and end up around 32k.
You will be surprised how little you can get elsewhere at that level.

Anyone else had a long drive in these yet?