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Originally Posted by ryan2600 View Post
the stuff exists, i just need to actually find real prices and a shop that can be contacted for more info. the "thousands of dollars" comment doesnt really cut it. I've seen forums where its 500 bucks up to 2k depending on how many windows.

i wouldnt be so quick to say its not going to happen.
It's not just an exterior film. It's a film of particles layered in between the glass. This means your doors would need to be taken apart, the original glass would need to be removed, and then new glass with the electrochromic technology would need to be custom made. Also, it'd have to be safety glass, so the cost just went up.

Then the new glass windows would need to be installed and wired up. It would have to be connected to a power source and then electronic controls would need to be custom fitted into the doors. Then everything needs to be tested and put back together.

That's thousands of dollars just in labor. The tech is still young, especially when it comes to varying levels of opacity without distortion (glazed/frosted is cheaper and easier to produce). Car manufacturers are just now dabbling in the technology (Mercedes MagicSky sunroof, for example) because of how complex and expensive it can be. If it were currently feasible, we'd see it as an option for the S-Class windows.
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