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OP, who did the install? Did you have it tested? Where did put mount the control unit and the switches/LED?

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Does it also work on radar guns, or would one have to purchase that separately?
Jamming radar is federally illegal because it is regulated by the FCC

Jamming laser is not federal, it is regulated by the FDA (laser light spectrum)

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So I assume it's always on until you turn it off and the cop reads your lower speed? Also, can't you just leave it on and he'll never pick up the speed?
Yeah i believe thats called a JTG (jam to gun). sometimes the laser guns can punch through at shorter distances from not enough coverage as the vehicle moves closer. so its best not to JTG but sometimes you can do it but why risk it? a full JTG may set off a red flag for the officer.

funny thing about laser, you usually can see the LEO shooting it before he tags you. sometimes you can't but i find most times if you are aware, you can avoid it by being alert/