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Originally Posted by helava View Post
Hi - sorry to ask a completely stupid question, but I'm a new M3 owner and not an experienced DIY car guy, though I'm reasonably handy rewiring stuff. I'd love to do this retrofit to my car (a 2010 M3 sedan), but i'm not 100% sure I've got everything that's necessary. Got nav, voice control, but I'm not sure that I've got the other hardware that's necessary - my options list shows nothing under the TCU entry. Sounds like that might be a dealbreaker? Is there somewhere specific I can check? The OP lists a MULF in the trunk, but I have no idea where in the trunk... or what a MULF is. :P

<- noob.

Anyway - any advice would be greatly appreciated. Just need to know exactly what to look for on the car to know that this is possible.

Thanks a bunch!

EDIT: I *do* have the USB port in the center console.
look inside your trunk. remove the huge cover in there and see if you have a module installed underneath which most probably will have since you have USB. See if you can find the words "M-ULF High" on the label on the side of the module. you will need to remove the 2 nuts holding on to the bracket to look at the module labels.

if you see those words, then what you need is the antenna and programming and you should have working bluetooth phone.