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Originally Posted by cssnms View Post
Okay so this got me to thinking,,, let's say you have kids in the back seat, child safety locks on (can't open the doors from the inside) and you are driving along and lose power, as you pull over smoke is flowing from under the hood, and all of a suddon you lose all power because the battery got fried in the process. As a result the power door locks do not operate so you are unable to unlock the rear doors to let your kids out. I guess you could have them climb between the seats but what happens if its a new born strapped down in a car seat? If the fire spreads fast this could be a real problem. Scarey to think about..... BMW better figure this out quick.
A lack of electrical power isn't going to prevent me from getting my or anybody else's kids out the backseat of a car that's on fire.

Also, the battery is in the trunk, pretty far from this fire.