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Originally Posted by doughboy View Post
These hooky programming boxes do not / cannot figure out pinouts, maybe a CAN line reversal but that would be it, even so I doubt even that. There's no need as OBD pinouts are fixed


16 - Positive voltage (battery positive, max 4 amps)[/i][/b]
I stand corrected, they are indeed on 6/14!

At work (BMW Indy Specialist), I'm the poor sod that has to work through all this CANBus sh!t, (started from no knowledge to now hooking into the CANBus systems for aftermarket features using the specified HEX codes blah blah blah...) with the help of BMW & AutoLogic.

We've been advised not to apply any solder etc as it will cause problems with resistances, as we've had a car in recently (front end damage) that had this exact problem, and it was down to a lump of solder messing up the balance between the two lines.

We've had numerous cars that have either had a problem on the high or the low line (due to a break or water ingress), and the CAN lines still had comms between the relevant modules.